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The range of online pub slots offers players a fantastic and a very different option to the better known casino slots that are also available online. There are numerous differences between the two types of games and this website guide examines the differences between pub slots vs casino slots. The first difference and distinctive feature that the range of pub slots offer players is a very interactive and fun style of play. The pub slots challenge player’s judgments and skills through a variety of different features that are designed to reward players whereas the casino games only reward players luck. The first of the interactive features on offer in the range of pub slots are the nudges and holds which is also the most commonly seen feature across the range. The nudges allow players to move a reel and symbol down a position in order to create a winning line combination which is a great test of player’s judgment abilities. The holds allow players to keep a reel in the same place whilst the other reels spin in order to form a winning line. The holds and the nudges are both excellent interactive features that players will really enjoy.

The other interactive features in the range of pub slots can be found in the bonus round and include the high / low gamble and the skill stopper feature. The skill stopper feature works by testing players reflexes, the player are shown a ladder of prizes and then have to stop a flashing light on the right feature. The feature found in the pub slots is perfect for players wanting there reflexes to be tested and then rewarded with cash. The high / low gamble is the next excellent feature found in the range of pub slots which is designed to test a players rational thinking abilities. The high / low gamble works by showing the player a number between one and twelve and then challenging them to predict if the next number will be higher or lower than the one shown. This feature really challenges a players rational thinking abilities and is full of suspense as the players waits for the new number to appear on the screen. The combination of the various interactive features makes the range of pub slots hugely enjoyable to play and highly entertaining. The casino slot games do not include any of these involving features and instead reward players purely based on their luck.

The history behind the pub slots started in pubs across the country having numerous different fruit / slot machines in the corner of their establishment. The machines would be very popular with pub visitors playing them whilst enjoying a pint. The inception of the internet meant that range of pub slots could be moved onto an online platform for players to enjoy. The games being made available online meant that players could enjoy them from the comfort of their own home. The various online providers and operators all offer the games to players with a twenty four hour customer support department able to assist players with any queries that they may have. The online operators also guarantee through government regulations to give their players a fair playing experience as they have a good payout rate. The next big defining factor of the pub slots performance after the game play is the themes that are on offer. The themes available in the range of pub slots are all excellent and players will love the fun and involving ideas and concepts that the games are designed are. The games are also much more lighthearted and comic than the ones offered in the range of casino slot games.

The light hearted themes that can be found across the range of pub slots include weird and wacky idea like an animal football world cup or aliens attacking earth armed only with cash. The range of pub slots are presented with a stunning style of visual and sound effects which deliver the light hearted themes with a wonderful style. The slots adopt a colourful style of cartoon animation that looks fantastic and emphases lots of different comic elements of the various games. One of the best examples of a pub slots with a great light hearted theme and colourful style of cartoon animation is the Billion Dollar Gran game. The Billion Dollar Gran game tells the story of an elderly lady called Florence who is a Billionaire and is trying to spend her vast wealth fortune. The slot with a great comic style manages to deliver the different activities that Florence takes part on and spends her money on which are highly amusing and will really make players laugh. The game is a great example of a pub slots as it has fantastic interactive style of game play, a very light hearted and fun theme and a fantastic style of visual effects.

One of the other games that are an excellent example of what is a pub slots is the Dubya Money slot. The Dubya Money slot has a brilliant comic theme that focuses on a former American president and looks at his career in a very comic style which will really make players laugh. The slot is animated in a superb style which highlights different funny elements that surround the president’s life. The sound effects that are played in the pub slots are fantastic as they include an American accented voice saying funny phrases like ‘oh sucks’. The style of the pub slots game play is highly interactive offering the player both nudges and holds which are great features that tests a players judgment skills. The slot also has an excellent bonus round that tests numerous different players’ skills and attributes. The overall conclusion of the range of pub slots found online is excellent and players will love the excellent interactive style of game play and lighthearted themes available. The pub slots have a great style of cartoon animated visual effects which players will love and the various sound effects are also exceptionally amusing.