One of the most fitting of all the themes used for the range of pub slots is the kebab themed Abra-Kebab-Ra game. The game is one of the most famous of all the pub games and has an illustrious history in pubs across the UK and was the highest played land based slot machine. The inception of the internet meant that the game was made available online to players in the comfort of their own homes. The theme of the Abra-Kebab-Ra game is based on the famous after pub meal, the kebab, which drinkers after a few beers really enjoy. The food themed Abra-Kebab-Ra game includes lots of other Middle Eastern elements as this is the region that the kebab meal comes from. The Middle Eastern elements included in the Abra-Kebab-Ra game are a genie in a lamp which is very famous symbol of this region. The Middle Eastern Kebab themed game is highly entertaining and very light hearted which is something that players will really enjoy. The slot has lots of comic elements which are included to make players laugh and are highly entertaining. The other food themed pub slot is the Cash n Curry game that is based on the other hugely popular after pub meal, Indian cuisine.

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The visual and the sound effects that are included to bring the Abra-Kebab-Ra game to life are fantastic as they manage to create a highly enjoyable playing atmosphere. The visual components of the slot consist of the background, the title text and the symbols. The symbols presented in the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot consist of both the themed and the traditional symbols. The themed symbols used in the game are the chilies, pita bread and chef and the traditional symbols are the watermelon, cherries, plums and lemons. The symbols are all designed and presented with colourful cartoon animation that stands out nicely on the screen. The background of the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot is a cartoon animation showing the inside of a kebab shop featuring lots of different fillings. The fillings all look fantastic and players will love how the games theme is enhanced through this cartoon animated effect. The title text of the Abra-Kebab-Ra game is placed at the bottom left of the games screen and has a lamp behind it. The text is presented in a font that’s recognizable from famous Middle Eastern films which greatly enhances the game theme. The combination of the various visual elements looks fantastic and is highly visually appealing.

The sound effects that are played during the Abra-Kebab-Ra game are fantastic as they include Middle Eastern background music that is played to create a very pleasant atmosphere. The various winning line combinations are met with their own sound effect and a great booming voice shouts the games name when the bonus round is activated. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Abra-Kebab-Ra game work excellently at creating a very authentic game that recreates the games theme expertly. One of the other slots with effects of an equally high standard is the Billion Dollar Gran game which has a wacky theme presented with great style and quality. The game has a very colourful style of cartoon animation that delivers the Grannies appearance is a very comic way. The game play of the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot is very interactive and players will enjoy the nudges, holds and high / low gamble features. The format of the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot is a three reel and one win line set up which is the easiest type of slot game for players to play. The small format is very common within the range of pub games and is much easier for players to use that the large formats found with the casino slot.

The Abra-Kebab-Ra game has two different ways available for players to win money these are either through the bonus round or the win line combinations. The win line combination is achieved if the player manages to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line. The various symbols in the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot all pay the player a different amount and these can be seen along the right hand side of the screen. The best symbol for a player to line up is the chef character followed by the pita bread. The nudges and the holds in the Abra-Kebab-Ra game are very entertaining and players really enjoy the thrill of trying to use them to line up winning line combinations. The nudges work by the player moving the reels and symbols down a position in order to try and line up a winning line combination. The holds allow player to keep a reel and symbol in the same place whilst the others spin to try and form a winning line combination. The holds and nudges in the Abra-Kebab-Ra game are both excellent features and test players skills and judgments in trying to create a winning line combinations.

The Abra-Kebab-Ra slot game has one fantastic bonus round that can be activated by the player managing to line up three of symbols with a kebab on along the screen. The feature when activated loads into a new screen and shows the player three different columns of different prize features. These ladders of prizes increase in value the higher the player moves up the ladder which is a great motivator for players to reach the top of the ladder. The player can climb the ladder to the higher prizes in the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot by taking part in a high / low gamble feature. The high / low gamble tests player’s rational thinking and is an excellent feature that rewards players input. The overall conclusion of the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot is that it offers players a fantastic playing experience due to its fun theme and comic style of animation. The Abra-Kebab-Ra slot has a fantastic style of game play which is highly interactive and fast paced which are elements that players will love. One of the other games with a very similar style of play is the excellent Fire n Dice slot that offers players an equally exhilarating playing experience.