Apocalypse Cow

The Apocalypse Cow game is one of them most entertaining pub slots on the market with a fantastic creative theme based on a very famous movie from the 1970’s. The movie was based on the Vietnam War and starred both Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen who played troubled American soldiers. The movie was hugely popular and successful winning numerous awards and fans of the film will love this slot game. The Apocalypse Cow game in a brilliant lighthearted and comic twist replaces the solders with cow characters. These farmyard animals are dressed up in full army uniform and armed with a gun in a very humorous and comic effect that players will love. The cleverest feature of the Apocalypse Cow slot is the fact that the serious war time theme is given such a lighthearted and comic twist. The slot game was a hugely popular and successful land based slot game which thanks to the invention of the internet is now available for players to play in the comfort of their own homes. The theme of the Apocalypse Cow slot is excellent and players will love the comic and fun elements that it presents.

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The Apocalypse Cow pub slot is brought to life with fantastic visual and sound effects that bring the games elaborate and involving theme to life. The slots appearance consists of its background, title text and the symbols. The background of the Apocalypse Cow slot is a cartoon animated depiction of the Vietnamese jungle. The screen is full of green leaves that really deliver the games theme brilliantly to players. The symbols used in the game are all cartoon animated and very vibrant in colour that effectively stand out on the screen. The themed symbols in the Apocalypse Cow game include the cow character, dog tags and helicopters. The traditional symbols presented are the watermelons, cherries, bars, sevens and lemons. The title text displayed to players is placed at the bottom of the games screen and is the visual highlight of the slot greatly enhancing its theme. The title text is presented in a black and white cow skin colour and is presented on a Vietnamese village with a cow shooting through the sky. The combination of the title text, background and symbols look fantastic on the screen in the Apocalypse Cow game creating a very attractive slot game.

The sound effects that are played are one of the highlights of the slots performance as they include the background noises of wind whistling through the jungle. The various winning line combinations in the Apocalypse Cow game are met with themed sound effects like guns being fired and helicopters taking off. The bonus round in the Apocalypse Cow slot is met with music from the era that the movie was released which is a fantastic effect that players will love. The combination of the visual and sound effects works masterfully at creating a brilliantly appealing and fun to play slot game. One of the other slots with an equally high standard of visual and sound effects is the Game On slot which delivers another animal related theme to players. The Game On slot features animals playing football which are superbly animated and includes brilliant themed sound effects. The game play offered in the Apocalypse Cow slot is excellent as it has a fast flowing format and very interactive bonus round. The format of the Apocalypse Cow slot is a three reel and one win line game which is the most common set up found across the range of pub slots.

There are two different methods for players to try and win money in the Apocalypse Cow pub slot these are either through the bonus round or lining up symbols. If the player can line up three matching symbols in the slot they unlock a prize payment. The different symbols all release varying amounts to the player and these are shown along the right hand side of the screen. The best symbol for a player to line up across the three reels is the cow as this pays a return of five hundred times stake. The Apocalypse Cow slot includes the use of both nudges and holds which test player’s judgment skills and are excellent interactive features of the game. The nudge features in the Apocalypse Cow slot allow a player to move symbols and reels down a position in order to create a winning line combination. The holds give players the option to keep a reel still whilst the others spin in order to create a winning line. The combination of the two interactive features in the Apocalypse Cow slot creates a very involving and challenging playing session for player. One of the other pub slots that offers and challenges players with both nudges and holds is the excellent Lucky Darts game.

The bonus round in the Apocalypse Cow slot is activated when the player manages to line up three symbols with steaks at the bottom off across the win line. The bonus round loads into a new screen and shows players a board of prizes that they can move around. The different squares on the board in the bonus round allow the player the chance to win different prizes. The bonus round has three different prize boards which the player can win prizes from when playing through the bonus round. The bonus round in the Apocalypse Cow game has squares that can end the player’s session so players need to be careful not to land on these. The bonus round in the Apocalypse Cow game is a great challenge of player’s judgment skills as they must know when to collect their prize and end the feature before they lose. The overall conclusion of the Apocalypse Cow game is that it offers players a crazy and very comic theme presented in stunning visual and sound effects. The game play of the slot is very interactive and highly involving which combined with the theme and the effects confirms the games status as the best pub slot.