Billion Dollar Gran

The Billion Dollar Gran game is one of the most hilariously themed and entertaining pub slots on the market based on an elderly lady trying to spend a fortune. The story of the Billion Dollar Gran game describes how Florence’s very rich husband passed away leaving her a fortune which she is determined to spend. The game brilliantly and very creatively describes the different activities that Florence embarks upon in an effort to spend her fortune. The idea of an elderly lady having these huge sums of money to spend is a funny one and the game very comically shows these elements to players. The sorts of activities that the Billion Dollar Gran embarks upon include round the world cruises, buying jewelry and taking her toy boy out for the day. In a great twist Florence is shown in the game doing some activities that are very normal for an elderly person including drinking tea and knitting. The Billion Dollar Gran slot is highly humorous game and players will love the funny elements that the game presents. One of the other pub slots that have an equally amusing theme is the Chavin it Large game which is based on the social group the chav and provides players with a hilarious overview of these people.

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The Billion Dollar Gran game is brought to life on the player’s screens with a fantastic standard of effects which deliver the amusing theme perfectly. The visual components of the slot include the symbols, background, bonus round background and the title text. The background of the Billion Dollar Gran game includes a great cartoon animation of the inside of an elderly person’s house with embroidered wallpaper and carpet. Florence is sat in the middle of the house knitting surrounded with cash and cats which look highly amusing on the screen. The bonus round background of the Billion Dollar Gran game is a bowling green where Florence is showing of her skills to her toy boy in another comic shot. The different symbols used in the Billion Dollar Gran slot include bowling balls, knitting kit, cherries, jewel covered sevens, Florence’s face and cake. These symbols are all presented in a colourful style of cartoon animation which stands out very nicely on the screen. The title text of the slot greatly enhances the games money orientated theme as it shows the text covered in jewels. The fusion of all the different visual elements of the game combines nicely to create a very attractive slot game.

The other very important element in the delivery of the slots theme is the sound effects that are played. The background music played in the slot is all related to elderly people and includes piano chords that build on the slots theme. The winning lines in the Billion Dollar Gran game are all greeted with their own special sound effect which is an elderly voice saying a specific phrase. The different phrases all have great comic value which players will really appreciate and enjoy. The sound and visual effects combine to create a brilliant themed playing environment in the Billion Dollar Gran game that players will really love. The Dubya Money slot is an excellent example of another slot game which has excellent cartoon animation and funny themed phrases sound effects. The Dubya Money game is themed on a former president of the USA and delivers a very comic overview of his presidency. The game play that the Billion Dollar Gran game presents to players is amazing and players will love the interactive features that are on offer. The Billion Dollar Gran game has a very straight forward slot format which is a three reel and one win line set up which is very easy for players.

The objective and aim for a player when spinning the reels in the Billion Dollar Gran game is to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line. The player by aligning the symbols gains access to the slots bonus round which loads into a new screen. The new screen displays three reels and five win lines to the player and these can be extremely lucrative. The different symbols in the initial section of the Billion Dollar Gran game all equal various amounts of win spins to take through to the bonus round. The amount of win spins for each respective symbol can be seen along the right hand side of the slots screen. The Billion Dollar Gran game gives players the use of both nudges and holds to form winning line combinations. The nudges allow players to move symbols and reels down a position in order to try and form winning line combinations. The nudges can also be gambled by the player in an effort to win more nudges which is a useful tool. The holds in the Billion Dollar Gran game allow players to keep reels and symbols in same place whilst the others spin in an effort to line up a winning line combination.

Once the player has formed a winning line combination they unlock a number of win spins to take into the bonus round. The bonus round loads into a new screen where the player is exposed to the three reel and five win line set up. The number of win spins won in the initial section of the Billion Dollar Gran game start and all winning line combinations are then transferred to the player’s prize fund. The bonus round is very entertaining to watch unfold as the win spins provide numerous winning combinations. The Billion Dollar Gran game also has an additional video bonus feature that if activated can return winnings of up to two thousand times stake. The video feature is activated if the player manages to roll in three of the bowling ball symbols across the win line. The overall conclusion of the Billion Dollar Gran game is that it offers a wonderful chance to play a game with great bonus features and a very amusing wacky theme. The visual effects used to present the Billion Dollar Gran game are fantastic as they include colourful cartoon animation that creates a very amusing looking game. The style of the game play and the bonus round is very similar to the one offered in the Fire n Dice slot but with a different theme and style of effects.