Cash n Curry

The Cash n Curry slot is one of the most entertaining of all the online pub slots and players will love the fun and very fitting theme that’s presented to them. The theme of the game is based on the lovely Indian meal, the curry, which is famous for being the meal of choice for people when leaving the pub. The fact that the meal is very popular with people leaving the pub makes the themed game a perfect slot for the genre of a pub slot game. The Cash n Curry game aims to immerse players in the experience of going for a curry at an Indian restaurant and tries to include numerous themed elements around this experience. The Cash n Curry game is excellent and players will love the fact the game authentically delivers the Indian meal experience in a charming and fun way. The Cash n Curry game also delivers the cash part of the games theme which is mentioned in the slots name and is ultimately the main reason a player spins the reels. The theme of the slot is very fitting and another food related pub slot with a very fitting theme is the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot that is based on the kebab.

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The games Indian meal experience is delivered to players through stunning visual and sound effects that greatly enhance the slots performance. The visual effects of the Cash n Curry slot include the background, the title text and the symbols presented to players. The background of the slot is a very clever image of purple wallpaper which is the sort of wallpaper found inside Indian restaurants. The fact the slots background represents the inside of an Indian restaurant greatly enhances the slots theme. The symbols on display in the Cash n Curry slot are a combination of themed and traditional symbols. The traditional symbols are bars, lemons and watermelons and the themed are a pint of lager, Nan bread, chilies and Indian ring. These symbols are all conveyed in a very colourful and detailed style of cartoon animation that players will love. The title text that’s present in the Cash n Curry slot is fantastic as it includes a ring of fire with an Indian waiter stood in the middle. The Indian waiter is carrying both curry and cash which greatly enhances the games theme. The overall combination of the various visual elements of the Cash n Curry slot look fantastic and players will really enjoy the slots appearance.

The sound effects of the Cash n Curry slot feature Indian background music being played throughout the game playing session. The Indian music is a themed sound effect which greatly enhances the slots overall atmosphere. The various winning line combinations in the Cash n Curry game are all greeted with their own sound effect. The sound effects for the various winning line combinations include an Indian waiter saying different phrases that players will find highly amusing. The combination of the visual and sound effects in the Cash n Curry game work perfectly at creating an excellent playing atmosphere. One of the other slots with a much simpler level of effects is the Lucky Darts game which gives players the chance to play a slot with very straight forward and plain effects. The game play presented in the Cash n Curry game is excellent and players will love the interactive features available to them. The format of the slot is a three reel and one win line set up which is very typical across the range of available pub slots. The small amount of reels and win lines means that the game is easy for players to understand and play.

The overall aim for players in the Cash n Curry game is to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line. The various symbols in the Cash n Curry slot all pay different amounts to the player and these amounts can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The player has the use of both nudges and holds in the Cash n Curry game to try and line up a winning line combination. The nudges are challenging features that allow players to move reels and symbols down a place to form a winning line. The holds allow players to keep reels and symbols in the same place also to try and form a winning line combination. The holds and the nudges are both very interactive and involving features that players enjoy because they challenge their judgment with the promise of financial reward. The player in the Cash n Curry game can gamble their nudges to try and win more which is risky action as they can lose all their nudges. The player can also bank their nudges over to the next spin of the reels which can really enhance players winning chances.

The Cash n Curry slot has one fantastic bonus round that is very interactive and can be very lucrative. The round is activated when the player spins three symbols with curry dishes on them onto the screen. The bonus round launch’s into a new screen where the player are shown a board of prizes that they must work their way around. The squares on the board have different prize features and some squares can throw a player out of the bonus round. This means that the bonus round in the Cash n Curry slot is a test of a player’s judgment skills as they must know when to collect their prize and leave the feature. The bonus round also includes a large pint of beer which the player needs to monitor as if it runs empty the round finishes and they lose. The different prizes that players can accept in the Cash n Curry bonus round are all themed and are very exciting. The overall conclusion of the Cash n Curry game is that it offers players a very fitting and fun theme presented with amusing visual and sound effects. If players are wondering why play pub slots then this slot is a great example as it includes lots of excellent features.