Cops and Robbers

The range of fantastic pub slots available to players is amazing with numerous different types of titles offering varying playing experiences. The Cops and Robbers slot is a fantastic example of a pub slot that shows the age old battle between the good and bad sides of the law. The slot details this long standing game of cat and mouse where the copper chases the robber who is on run with a large bag of loot. The theme of the Cops and Robbers game is a highly entertaining one that players will really enjoy the thrill of playing. One of the largest attractions of the Cops and Robbers slot is the fact that players can take on the role of the robber which is a fantasy role that they would never be able to take on in real life. The Cops and Robbers game was one of the most popular and highly played of all the land based games with large player numbers all over the UK. The invention of the internet meant that the Cops and Robbers slot was moved onto an online platform that meant players could enjoy it from the comfort of their own home.

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The exciting cat and mouse chase theme presented to players in the Cops and Robbers slot is delivered through an outstanding level of visual and sound effects. The visual effects of the slot consist of the animated background, symbols and title text. The background of the Cops and Robbers slot is a colourful cartoon animated design showing a very lively scene featuring lots of characters performing actions. The characters are all different cops chasing various robbers across the roof tops and down drains in a hilarious animation which will really make players laugh. The symbols presented in the Cops and Robbers game include the themed symbols which are the handcuffs, cops hat and the robbers face. The traditional symbols include the melons, bars, cherries and sevens which are all animated in a fantastic and colourful style of cartoon animation that players will love. The title text of the Cops and Robbers game is placed at the bottom left of the screen and is detailed with a cartoon animation of the two characters at each side. The title text also features a pair of handcuffs interlinking the text which is an excellent effect which greatly enhances the games theme.

The sound effects that are used in the Cops and Robbers game are fantastic as they really add to the slots overall atmosphere and add a great element of suspense in the slot. The background music played throughout the playing session is very upbeat and creates a tempo. The various winning lines and the bonus round are met with their own unique themed sound effect. The sound effects include sirens sounding and a voice shouting in a funny English accent ‘oi come back here’ to represent the copper. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Cops and Robbers game is fantastic and players will love the atmosphere that the different effects create. One of the other slots with a very similar high level of visual and sound effects is the Alien Cash Attack slot which has a crazy theme presented in stunning colourful cartoon animation. The game play that’s on offer in the Cops and Robbers game is exceptional as it gives players the chance to play a very interactive slot that tests their skills and rewards them with cash. The format of the Cops and Robbers game is a three reel and one win line set up which is the easiest and straightest forward format for players to enjoy.

The player has two different ways to win funds in the Cops and Robbers slot game one is to activate the slots bonus round and the other is to create a winning line. The player to create a winning line has to align three of the same symbols up across the one win line. The various symbols in the Cops and Robbers game all pay a different amount to the player and these can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. The best symbol for a player to align in the Cops and Robbers slot is the robber character followed by the police hat. The player has the use of both nudges and holds in the Cops and Robbers game which gives them the chance manipulate reels in order to form a winning line combination. The nudges in the game allow players to move a reel and symbol down a position in order to form a winning line combination. The holds allow players to keep a symbol in the same place whilst the other reels spin in order to try and form a winning line combination. The nudges and the holds both test player’s judgment skills.

The Cops and Robbers game has a fantastic bonus round that can be activated when a player spins three symbols showing a bag of loot onto the reels. The bonus then loads into a new screen where the player are shown a ladder of prizes and given a robber character to control. The player as the robber must then move along the board of prizes and the further along the ladder they reach the higher the value of the prize. The robber character in the Cops and Robbers bonus round is chased by a copper character and if caught loses their entire prize fund. The player must then know when to collect their prize and exit the bonus round which is a great test of a players judgment skills. The bonus round is extremely exciting and is off a similar high standard and format to the one found in the Bundle in the Jungle game. The overall conclusion of the Cops and Robbers game is that it offers players a very enjoyable playing experience due to its amazing theme and quality cartoon animated effects. The game play on offer in the Cops and Robbers game is very interactive and enjoyable giving it the status of the best pub slot with numerous players.