Dubya Money

The Dubya Money slot is one of the most creative and original themed pub slots on the market with a fantastic set of visual and sound effects which players will love. The slot is designed to be highly humorous and includes lots of different amusing elements and effects. The theme of the Dubya Money game tells the story of former American president George Bush who held office between 2001 and 2009. The president was hugely famous and came from Americans most southerly state Texas where he commanded a huge following and fan base. The Texan state is well represented in the Dubya Money slot and lots of different elements of the state are used for comical effect. One of the things the Texan state is most famous for is its production of the commodity oil which helped make it one of America’s richest states. The state is famous for producing many very rich oil barons and baronesses which are represented comically in the Dubya Money slot. The slot was first a very famous land based machine that was seen across pubs all over the UK. The inception of the internet meant that players can enjoy the game from the comfort of their own home without having to go to the pub.

Dubya Money

The visual and sound effects that bring this comical theme to life are excellent as the cartoon animated visual effects look very comical and the sound effects are also highly amusing. The visual components of the Dubya Money slot include the background, bonus round background, symbols and the title text. The title text of the game is fantastic as it greatly enhances the delivery of the games theme as it is written in a stars and stripes coloured font. The text also features oil rushing through the middle of the text and money flowing out of the outside which looks fantastic on the screen. The symbols used in the Dubya Money game include oranges, lemons, plums, cowboy hat, map of America, watermelons and bells. The symbols are all presented in a colourful style of cartoon animation which is clearly presented and looks excellent. The background of the main section of the Dubya Money game is the inside of an oil factory with cartoon animated interconnecting pipes showing all over the screen. The background of the bonus round in the Dubya Money slot is the visual highlight as it shows lots of different colourful elements including George Bush, the Whitehouse and a marching band.

The combination of all the different visual elements in the Dubya Money slot game is excellent and manages to create a brilliant looking game that players will love. The sound effects that are in place in the slot are fantastic as they manage to greatly enhance the games American theme and add lots of comic elements. The background music played in the Dubya Money slot is American themed and sounds excellent. The various winning line combinations and bonus rounds all have their own unique sound effect. The unique sound effects include an American accent saying George Bush phrases like ‘oh shucks’ which is a hilarious effects. The combination of the visual and the sound effects in the Dubya Money slot create an excellent playing atmosphere that players will love. One of the slot games with a very different set of visual and sound effects is the Fruit Bingo slot which offers players a much simpler set of effects. The slot is themed on the game Bingo and presents images in a very simple style which some players will like and some will find too plain. The game play in the Dubya Money slot is excellent and players will love the interactive and fun style of play.

The Dubya Money game has numerous different prize features and bonuses available to be won which make the game highly entertaining. The format of the Dubya Money slot is a three reel and one win line set up which is perfect for players wanting a simple and straight forward game. The overall aim for players is to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line to create a winning line combination. The various symbols in the game all pay the player a different amount and these can be seen along the right hand side of the screen. The Dubya Money slot offers both nudges and holds to players which are excellent features that players will really enjoy the challenge of using. The nudges test player’s judgment skills as they have to move the reels and symbols down a position to bring in a winning line combination. The holds in the Dubya Money game allow players to keep symbols and reels in the same position whilst the others spin in order to try and create a winning line combination. The interactive hold and nudge features are a great example of the advantages of pub slots vs casino slots.

The Dubya Money game also includes a ballet box feature which is situated to the left of the reels. The ballet box fills up during a playing session and eventually triggers a prize feature when it is full. The bonus round in the Dubya Money slot game loads into a new screen and shows players three different sets of reels. The player can activate the games bonus round by managing to move up a trail of numbers, to number eight, by spinning into the win line symbols with numbers on them. The bonus round when triggered lets the player hit a prize on the flashing prize board which then leads them to a number of different interactive features. The bonus round in the Dubya Money game is highly entertaining and players will love the fun features that are on offer. The overall conclusion of the Dubya Money game is that the game offers players a wonderful theme that is highly entertaining and amusing. The visual and sound effects used in the game are excellent and players will atmosphere that is created. If players would rather play a game with an adventure theme than a comedy one then the Deep Sea Dosh game is an excellent option.