Game On

The Game On slot is one of the wackiest concepts available online and players will love the fun feeling that it delivers to players. The idea behind the game is an animal football world cup which is obviously a completely bizarre concept for a slot game to be based on. The Game On slot game is set in Africa which is home to all of the beautiful creatures that are competing in the fictional animal world cup. The game delivers this crazy theme with huge amounts of humor and shows the different animals dressed in various soccer jerseys. The animals that are included in the Game On slot include zebras, lions, snakes, buffalos and giraffes that are all shown playing football which is a very funny sight. The Game On slot also shows a game keeper who is charged with keeping the animals under control panicking at the extent of his task. The pub slots wacky and fun theme will really appeal to both football and animal lovers and is highly appealing to fans of these two elements. The Mega Moolah casino pub slot is also themed on animals and set in Africa which is a similar subject that players will really love.

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The visual and the sound effects that are used to bring this animal football world cup theme to life are excellent and players will love the different effects that are presented. The Game On slots appearance includes the background, title text and the symbols which are all presented in a stunning style of cartoon animation. The background of the Game On slot shows the game keeper chasing after numerous animals who are all trying to reach a treasure chest. The background of the bonus round sections of the game shows various animals playing football and trying to score penalties in a huge soccer stadium. The style of animation used in the Game On slot brings these different scenes to life with a lot of humor and vibrant colours. The symbols presented to players greatly enhance the slots soccer theme as they include the world cup, soccer boot, gamekeeper’s hat and a whistle. These symbols all look fantastic on the screen as they are a colorfully cartoon animated image. The traditional symbols include watermelons, cherries, lemons and sevens and all presented with the same excellent style. The title text of the Game On slot is displayed with a large world cup stood next to it which greatly enhances the games football theme.

The combination of all the different visual effects combined in the slot creates a wonderful looking game that players will really enjoy. The sound effects that are played in the Game On slot are a crucial part of the slots performance. The background sounds include themed noises like football crowd’s whistling and cheering which really sound fantastic in the game. The various winning lines are all met with their own themed animal sound effect which is a very enjoyable part of the slots performance. The sound and the visual effects combine in the Game On slot to make a very enjoyable playing atmosphere which players will love. The effects that are on offer in the Bungle in the Jungle game manage to create a very similar atmosphere through quality cartoon animation and animal related sound effects. The Bundle in the Jungle game is an adventure slot that takes place deep in the jungle and is full of excitement. The game play of the Game On slot is also excellent as it features a fantastic bonus round and some very interactive features. The Game On slot runs of a three reel and one win line set up which is a very small and easy to play format for players to master.

The style of play available in the Game On game is excellent as it challenges players either to align a winning line combination or to activate the bonus round. The player can align a winning line by managing to roll in three of the same symbols across the one win line. The different symbols in the Game On slot all reward the player with varying amounts which can be seen along the right hand side of the screen. The best symbol for a player to manage to line up across the three reels is the world cup then the whistle and then the hat. The Game On slot offers players the use of both nudges and holds in an effort for them to try and form a winning line combination. The nudges work by players moving the reels and symbols down a position in order to form a winning line combination. The holds allow a player to keep the reels in the same position whilst the others spin in effort to try and create a winning line. The nudges and the holds in the Game On slot really challenge players judgment skills which are excellent effects that players will love.

The bonus round in the Game On slot can be highly lucrative and is very entertaining testing players reflexes. The bonus round can be activated when the player manages to align three symbols with footballs on across the reels. The feature when activated loads into a new screen and shows the player a ladder of prizes. The player has to use the skill stopper feature to progress up the ladder of prizes and the higher the player reaches the better the prize that is won. The skill stopper in the Game On slot works by a flashing light hovering over the squares on a ladder and the player having to stop the light on the right square. The bonus round in the Game On game is highly enjoyable and players will love the interactive challenge presented to them. The overall conclusion of the Game on slot is that it offers players a fun and wacky theme presented with colourful cartoon animation. The sound effects greatly enhance the games football theme and create a very entertaining playing atmosphere. If players are wondering why play pub slots then this game is an excellent example as it offers a highly entertaining overall experience.