Gold Mine

One of the most exciting and entertaining of all the online pub slots is the brilliant Gold Mine game that is set deep in the Wild West of undiscovered American in 1848. The slot game was once hugely popular in pubs across the country as a land based machine which drinkers would play whilst enjoying a beer. The inception of the internet meant that the Gold Mine game was moved to an online platform and players could enjoy it in the comfort of their own home. The story behind the Gold Mine game stars Juan Carlos who was a Mexican cowboy who hears of gold being discovered north of the border in the Wild West. Juan Carlos knows of the large dangers involved with travelling north of the border with Native Americans and other dangerous elements to consider. The Gold Mine game places players in Juan Carlos’s shoes as he travels north over the border in a quest to find gold and fortune. The game is full of excitement and one of the most enjoyable adventure slots on the market. If players want another adventure game then the Bundle in the Jungle game is a great option that features the quest for gold deep into the jungle.

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The Wild West gold hunting theme in the Gold Mine game is brought to life through a fantastic level of cartoon animated effects. The slots appearance is made up of background, the bonus rounds background, symbols and the title text. The background of the Gold Mine game shows the inside of a saloon with the doors closed which is a very western environment. The background of the games bonus round is shown as a very detailed animation of the open plains of the Wild West with mountains stretching up into the skies. The symbols used in the Gold Mine game are fantastic and look excellent with a highly detailed style of cartoon animation featuring very bright and vibrant colours. The symbols used in the slot include the dynamite, cowboy, lemons, oranges, plums, cherries, melons, gold coins, games logo and gunpowder. The numerous symbols are all presented with a wonderful style of cartoon animation that players will really enjoy. The title text of the Gold Mine game is presented at the bottom left of the slot in a fitting gold font that enhances the games overall theme and feel. The combination of the symbols, title text and the background looks fantastic on the screen and represents the games western theme very accurately.

The other crucial element in the slots performance is the sound effects that are played as these are very important in creating the slots overall atmosphere. The background music of the Gold Mine game is western themed and is instantly recognizable for players to that era. The various winning line combinations the bonus rounds are all greeted with their own sound effect which includes guns firing and explosions being fired. The visual and sound effects in the Gold Mine game are highly enjoyable and players will love the quality of these effects. One of the other slot games that have a similar high standard of visual and sound effects are the Cops and Robbers game. The game brilliantly through colourful cartoon animation shows the cat and mouse chase scene between these two famous foes. The game play of the Gold Mine game is fantastic due to its highly interactive style of play and array of bonus features. The format of the Gold Mine game is a three reel and one win line set up whereas the second ‘super’ section of the game is a three reel and five win line set up. The second section of the game due to its higher number of bonus features offers players many more chances to win.

The overall aim for players when they play the Gold Mine game is to reach the second section of the game. The players overall objective when they start the first section of the game is to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line. The various symbols all pay a different amount to the player and these can be seen along the right hand side of the slot. The player needs to accumulate a minimum of twenty points in the first section of the game to move into the second section of the slot. The Gold Mine game includes a gamble bonus where the player has the ability to take part in a fifty / fifty bet to double or lose their prize fund. The bet is a risky one and involves a skill stopper feature which tests player’s reflexes in order for them to potentially double their prize fund. The second part of the Gold Mine game offers a five win line set up which means players winning chances are dramatically improved. The amounts a player can win in the second stage of the Gold Mine game also increases and the player also has the opportunity to active two different bonuses.

The first of the two bonuses that can be activated in the Gold Mine game is the mine mania bonus which is activated when a player spins three cowboys onto the screen. The mine mania bonus when activated gives the player the choice of eleven different objects which they have to choose from to reveal a number of win spins. The second bonus in the Gold Mine game is activated when they player spins in three logo symbols to the screen. The player are taken to the second screen where they are displayed the inside of a mine and asked to choose one of three golden nuggets to reveal a prize. These two different bonus features on top of the gamble bonus make the game incredibly interactive and a lot of fun. The overall conclusion of the Gold Mine game is that it offers players a highly attractive game with a very exciting theme and stunning level of visual and sound effects. The game play offered in the Gold Mine slot is excellent and players will love the interactive features that are available. If players want a simpler game with a less involving and interactive style of play then the Joker 8000 slot is a great option.