Joker 8000

The slot with the simplest theme is the excellent Joker 8000 game which offers a straight forward concept and theme as well as very plain and simple effects. The Joker 8000 game was once the most commonly seen land based slot machine found in pubs throughout Europe. The game had huge levels of popularity with large player numbers loving the thrill of the interactive game play. The invention of the internet and online gambling meant that the slot was soon provided on an online platform to players in the comfort of their own home. The online pub slots proved a huge success with players loving the fact they could enjoy the game without having to go to the pub. The theme of the Joker 8000 game is a split one based on both a pack of playing cards and the kings jester character. The jester character is a very famous character from the medieval times that would dance and tell jokes to the king and his subjects. The playing card part of the Joker 8000 slots theme is excellent and focuses on the Joker card that can be found in the deck.

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The Joker 8000 slot is delivered to players through simple and plain visual effects that manage to create a simple but very visually attractive game. The background of the Joker 8000 game is a blurred image taken of the inside of a pub with the land based machine outline shown. The slot machines background is red and black spades wallpapered all over the machine. The symbols used in the slot are very nicely animated cartoon designs that are both very colourful and clearly finished. The symbols include cherries, melons, lemons, jokers and crowns. The title text in the Joker 8000 game is one of the slots visual highlights as it features golden text to enhance the games regal theme. The text also features a large crown sat on top which again greatly enhances the games regal theme. The combination of the different simple visual elements in Joker 8000 slot works brilliantly at creating a very attractive game that player’s will love. The sound effects used in the slot are equally basic and simple and play different electronic tones to players. The different electronic tones are crafted together to sound fantastic and create a very pleasant playing atmosphere.

The various winning line combinations in the Joker 8000 game are all created with their own electronic sound effect that greatly improves the slots performance. The super game section of the game when activated plays the sounds at a faster tempo to increase the playing atmosphere. The sounds and the visual effects that are in use in the Joker 8000 slot are very basic and plain. If players would like to try a game with more elaborate and involving effects then the Apocalypse Cow slot is a great option. The Apocalypse Cow game presents a very amusing concept in stunning colourful cartoon animation which players will really enjoy. The game with brilliant cartoon animation shows a cow dressed as a solider running around with a gun which is a highly amusing sight. The game play that the online Joker 8000 slot presents to players is sensational and players will love the involving style of play. The Joker 8000 slot presents many tactical decisions to players which greatly affects the outcome of their playing session. The format of the slot is a three reel and five win line game which offers players the chance to play a pub slot on more than one win line.
The overall aim for players when they spin the reels in the Joker 8000 game is to line up three of the same symbols across one of the win lines. If the player spins the reels with all five win lines active it means the player has five chances to win on each spin of the reels.

The various symbols in the Joker 8000 slot all equal different prize payment amounts which can be seen at the top of the games screen. The highest paying symbol in the game is the joker followed by the crown and then the bar. The Joker 8000 slot does not offer players hold or nudge features like the other pub slots on the market. The hold and the nudge features in the Joker 8000 slot are very interactive and players do not have to rely on their judgment skills in this game. The player has the option every time a winning line is created to use a gamble bonus which gives them a fifty / fifty chance to double or lose their prize fund. The gamble feature works with a skill stopper where the player has to stop the flashing light on the right section to reveal if they double or lose their prize fund.
The Joker 8000 game has a super game section which players need to activate if they want to win the larger prize amounts in the slot. The second super game section costs the player twenty points a spin which the player needs to win in the first section of the game. The player wins these points by aligning three of the same symbols across the win line. The super game section of the Joker 8000 game results in higher winning amounts being achievable and is the most important part of the slot game for players to access. The overall conclusion of the Joker 8000 game is that it offers players a very simple theme and presents it in a very straight forward style of visual and sound effects. The simple style of theme and effects makes the slot game highly enjoyable and perfect for certain players. The game play of the Joker 8000 slot is also excellent as it involves tactical decisions needing to be made in regards to which section of the game to play. Two other slot games which offer players an equally simple and straight forward level of visual and sound effects is the Lotsaloot Casino pub slot and the Lucky Darts pub slot.