Lucky Darts

The Lucky Darts slot game is one of the most fitting themes for a pub slots as it is based on the very popular pub game darts which has been played for decades in pubs up and down the UK. The game darts features players throwing a dart at a board with numerous sections printed on it awarding the player with varying amounts of points. The darts game is hugely popular and is very famous inside pubs with patrons enjoying a game whilst drinking a beer. The darts game rose in notoriety with televised world championship competitions being shown helping the game cement its status as a popular and much loved game. The Lucky Darts slot is therefore based on a very popular game and players of the darts game will love challenge of playing a slot based on it. The Lucky Darts slot is one of the most enjoyable games because of its fitting theme to the genre of a pub slot and is full of excitement because of its game play. The Lucky Darts pub slot was a very well known and popular land based machine before it was made available to players online from the comfort of their own home.

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The visual and the sound effects that are used to bring the Lucky Darts games theme to life are simple and plain but also very effective in creating a visually appealing slot. The slots appearance includes its background, super game background, the symbols and the title text. The background of the Lucky Darts slot shows a plain blue colour with circles printed upon it decreasing in size the nearer to the middle of the screen it goes. The background of the super game section is exactly the same design but in a red colour. The symbols used in the Lucky Darts slot are bars, logos, bells, oranges, lemons and grapes which are all animated in a colourful and clear finish. The title text of the Lucky Darts game is displayed at the bottom of the screen and shows an image of a dart board. The dart board is full of colour which greatly enhances the slots theme and is very attractive on the screen. The combination of all the visual elements in the slot look fantastic and players will love the overall finish of the game. The other crucially important part of the slots physical appearance is the sound effects that are played to players.

The sound effects in the Lucky Darts game are also very simple as they consist of different very plain and straight forward electronic tones. The Lucky Darts games winning line combinations are all created with their own electronic tone which is a very positive effect and one that players will really enjoy. The special dart throwing bonus round has a special sound effect which involves much shorted and sharper electronic tones. The shorter and sharper electronic tones create a much higher tempo in the bonus round which means the players excitement levels increase significantly. The combination of the simple sound and visual effects in the Lucky Darts game create a very appealing game which players will love. If players want to play a slot game with a much more detailed and creative level of visual and sound effects then the Cash n Curry slot is a good option. The slot manages through very colourful cartoon animated visual effects and very clever themed sound effects to create an excellent playing atmosphere. The game play of the Lucky Darts slot is highly interactive with two different playing sections and one main bonus round for players to unlock.

The first section of the Lucky Darts slot is a three reel and one win line set up and the games second ‘super game’ section is a three reels and five win line set up. The overall aim for players in the Lucky Darts game is to reach the second section where they can reach the higher value prizes and access the slots bonus round. To access the second section of the game the player needs to win enough points which are done by aligning three of the same symbols across the win line. The various symbols in the Lucky Darts slot all pay the player varying amounts and these can be seen along the right hand side of the game. The second section of the Lucky Darts game costs 400 points per spin which the player needs to accumulate by lining up three matching symbols. The player has the chance to gamble their winnings when a winning line is created which will result in the player either doubling or losing their prize fund. The gamble bet is a fifty / fifty one so is therefore very risky and should only be attempted by the bravest of players.

The gamble bonus bet is very similar to the one seen in the excellent Gold Mine slot game giving players a great chance to quickly raise their prize fund. The second section of the Lucky Darts game known as the super game section, loads into a new screen and displays a three reel and five win line set up to players. The set up has excellent winning potential and players will love the amount of win lines and amounts that can be won. The bonus round can be activated from this super game section in the Lucky Darts game by spinning in three darts across the win line. The bonus loads into a new screen and the player has to throw three darts at a board in order to win prizes. The overall performance of the Lucky Darts game is fantastic as it has a very fitting theme presented with very simple and plain effects. The game play on offer in the Lucky Darts slot is excellent and players will love the two different game sections and the amount of money that can be accessed in the bonus round. The slots interactive game play is a key element in giving the game the status of the best pub slot on the market.