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The history behind the online range of UK pub slots shows that the games first became popular in public houses all over the country. The games would be known as land based pub slots or fruit machines and would be placed in the corners of pubs up and down the country. The games offer pub visitors the chance to gamble their change whilst enjoying their drinks with the objective of trying to win money. The creation of the internet meant that the range of UK pub slots could be moved online meaning that players could enjoy the games from the comfort of their own homes without having to visit the pub. The internet presents the range of UK pub slots in a fantastic manner as the games are very user friendly and easy to use. The various online providers especially the one recommended this guide provide a safe environment for players to enjoy the different UK pub slots. The provider recommended in this website guide offers twenty four hour customer support with agents trained to be able to assist with all of the different slots. The provider is also fully regulated meaning that players are assured a safe and fair gaming session.

The range of UK pub slots give players a very different option to the more well known casino slots which offer players games based purely on luck. The UK pub slots base their outcome on player’s interactions and their skills which is much more involving and appealing to players. The interactive style of play in the pub games is excellent as it gives players a chance to put their own input into the game whilst trying to win a reward. The interactive features that can be found across the range of UK pub slots include nudges and holds. The nudges work by the player moving the reels and symbols down a position to bring new symbols into the win line. The nudges test players judgment skills and as they must known which reels to move and manipulate in order to increase their winning chance. The holds allow players to keep one of the reels in the same place whilst the others spin in order to try and form a winning line combination. The combination of the nudge and hold features in the range of UK pub slots are excellent as they really tests player’s abilities and reward players based on these.

The next interactive feature available to players in the range of UK pub slots is the high / low gamble feature which is used in the slots bonus round. The high / low gamble feature in the UK pub slots works by displaying to the player a number between one and twelve. The player must then predict if the next number shown will be higher or lower than the first one shown which is a challenge that will test there rational thinking. The high / low gamble feature is also very exciting and full of suspense which is something that players will really enjoy. The next important feature available to players in the range of UK pub slots is the excellent skill stopper which is designed to test player’s reflexes. The skill stopper is a flashing light which is displayed to players and hovers over different boxes and players must hit the button at the correct time to stop the light. The other main interactive elements that the UK pub slots include are judgment calls. The judgment calls mean that the player must know when to collect their prize in a bonus round and finish the playing session.

The range of UK pub slots all have very fun and light hearted themes that are designed to make players laugh and create a very amusing playing session. The light hearted and comic themes are in stark contrast to the themes found in the range of casino slots that are much more serious. The visual effects used across the range of UK pub slots are excellent as they are colourful cartoon animated designs that look great on the screen. The sound effects that are played across the range of UK pub slots are also excellent as they include very funny themed accented voices saying phrases that will really make players laugh. One of the most impressive UK pub slots is the excellent Apocalypse Cow slot that includes all of the different elements that are vital in making a good slot game. These elements are a great comic theme, colourful visual effects, funny sound effects and excellent game play. The game play of the Apocalypse Cow game includes both nudges and holds which test player judgment skills and tactical abilities. The theme of the game is a hilarious one featuring cows dressed as soldiers that are brilliantly represented through the colourful style of cartoon animation.

The other excellent UK pub slots are the brilliant Chavin it Large slot which takes a hysterical look at the social group the chav. The chav are very famous working class social group who wear particular clothes and behave in a certain way. This UK pub slots brilliantly describes and shows what would happen if a chav became rich and what they would spend their money which is a very amusing concept. The chav related slot is brought to life through a funny colourful style of visual effects which players will love. The colourful animation features the chav’s performing funny activities that will really make players laugh. The game play offer in this UK pub slots is excellent and is gives players the chance to play a game where they can use their judgment abilities as well as their reflexes. The skill stopper feature is part of the bonus round in this UK pub slots and it tests the player’s reflexes and rewards them with cash. The Chav related game because of its interactive game play, funny theme and visual and sound effects is a great example of what are pub slots. The games all offer an outstanding level of player satisfaction and have unique and individual advantages over the range of casino slots.