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The collections of pub slot games that can be found available online are simply superb as they provide players with a very different option to the more well known casino slots. The pub slot games present players with a different option to the casino games and this website aims to explore and explain what are pub slots. The first key element of what are pub slots is the type of game play that they present to players which is highly involving and a lot of fun. The casino slots base their results purely on a players luck and do not challenge a player for any decisions or judgment calls. The distinctive style of play that defines what are pub slots is excellent as it is very involving and highly interactive rewarding a player on their personal inputs. The format of the pub slots is much smaller than there casino game counterparts which run on five reel and up to thirty win line set up. The format of the pub slot games are generally three reels and one win line set ups. This small format is a key factor in what are pub slots as they offer players a much easier and straighter forward style of play.

The interactive features that are such an important part of what are pub slots include nudges and holds, high / low gambles and skill stopper. The skill stopper is commonly found in the games bonus rounds and challenges player’s reflexes. The feature works by showing the player a board of prizes and asking them to stop a flashing light over the right square on the board. The feature is full of suspense and is a great test of a player reflexes and awards them accordingly. The high / low gamble feature is another key part of what are pub slots as it tests player’s rational thinking and is also found in the games bonus rounds. The feature works by showing a player a number between one and twelve then asking them to predict if the next number will be lower or higher than the one previously shown. The high / low gamble feature is a critically important part of what are pub slots and is a highly enjoyable feature of the games. The nudges and holds are the other key ingredients of what are pub slots as they test player’s judgment skills and are found in almost all of the pub slot games.

The nudges work by giving the player the power to move reels and symbols down a position in order to try and form a winning line combination. The nudges are a highly interactive feature that players will enjoy the challenge of using to try and form winning combinations across the reels. The holds are also very interactive and fun features for players as they allow them the chance to keep reels and symbols still whilst the others spin. The holds are a crucial part of what are pub slots as they can dramatically increase players winning chances. The next crucial part of what are pub slots is the themes that are presented to players which are very different to the ones offered in the casino slots. The casino slots generally offer much more serious themes whereas the pub slots are much more lighthearted and fun. The fun and comic themes are an important part of what are pub slots and some of the wacky ideas presented to players are a lot of fun. The wacky and crazy concepts presented in the pub games include billionaire grannies trying to spend their fortune and comical overviews of the social group the chav. The comical themes are one of the most defining and important factors making up what are pub slots.

The style of the visual effects across the range of pub games is also excellent and players will enjoy the cartoon animated games that are presented to them. The style of animation is another very important factor in what are pub slots as this colourful style of cartoon animated effects is important to players. The next important element in what are pub slots is the sound effects that are played to players. The sound effects include the background music as well as the different themed phrases that are spoken when various winning lines are created. One of the best games that sums up what are pub slots is the excellent Game On slot that has a wacky theme, great animated effects and fantastic interactive game play. The Game on game is themed an animal football world cup which is a completely crazy and bizarre theme which is presented with very colour comic effects. The games wacky theme and amusing style of visual effects is designed to make players laugh and is a great summary of what are pub slots. The game play is highly interactive and players will love the nudges, holds and skill stopper features that are on offer.

The next slot game that is an excellent example of what are pub slots is the brilliant Deep Sea Dosh game which is an action and adventure game set at the bottom of the ocean. The ocean location is a fantastic setting for a slot as it has a lot of mystical and unknown qualities that players will really enjoy. The storyline behind the game is very exciting and players will like setting off in pursuit of Neptune’s lost treasure. The visual effects used to bring this underwater adventure to life are excellent and are a great example of what are pub slots. The sound effects are also in keeping with the games watery theme and really enhance this. The sound effects are a great part of what are pub slots as they are crucial in enhancing the slots atmosphere. The game play is also excellent and includes both nudges and holds which allow players to line up winning line combination. The slot has a wonderful bonus round which is designed to test players judgment skills and is a great example of what are pub slots. The most important feature found in the range of UK pub slots is the interactive game play, the lighthearted theme and the stylish visual and sound effects.